About Us

Whitby Hampers is a small family run business, launched in July 2020. Michelle and John, orginally from Whitby began the company recognising the abundance of high quality products made in and around the Whitby area. Primarily sourcing products, as nearby to Whitby as they could, to create a wide range of beautifully  presented hampers, suiting all ages.

Whitby is a small fishing town on the North East coast of England, as part of North Yorkshire, with a local charm that attracts tourists from near and far. The fresh sea air, wonderful stretches of beach and a picturesque harbour with many historic stories to told makes Whitby a special place to experience. Whitby Abbey, Captain Cook, the Bramstoker stories and St Hilda represent the core culture of Whitby, and attract a wide range of people to the small town. 

Michelle and John are passionate about Whitby, and have migrated back after having lived elsewhere, now bringing up their own family in the seaside town. 'There really is no place like ‘home’' John.

Whitby Hampers bring together the very best of local products, helping to support other local businesses, who are also passionate about what they do and strive for perfection and quality.

'So whether you are visiting Whitby on a holiday, once lived here and want a taste of home, why not indulge in a Whitby Hamper!' Michelle & John