Welcome to Whitby

A hidden treasure waiting for you to explore!

After a long drive to the beautiful Yorkshire Coast, there's no better way to kick off your holiday than by indulging in the delights of Whitby. Enjoy a cup of Baytown's finest coffee, savour Botham's sweet treats, or unwind with a Whitby Gin in-hand. Not only will you experience the local flavours, but you'll also support the local family businesses of Whitby and North Yorkshire.

At Whitby Hampers, we offer a convenient food delivery service to visitors staying in Whitby and its surrounding areas. We also provide hampers for private holiday accommodations and rental companies in the region.

Choose from our selection of hampers to be delivered to your holiday cottage, lodge, caravan site, or B&B upon arrival or during your stay. For private holiday lets, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Please note that our hampers are available for local delivery up to 5 miles from Whitby for a fee of £2.50. If you require delivery beyond a 20-mile radius from Whitby, please contact us or explore our Gift Hampers collection instead.

For allergen information, please contact us.

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