• Whitby Sea Salt

    Whitby Sea Salt are more than just a small family-run business; they're on a mission to produce the finest sea salt using the most environmentally friendly methods available. Their commitment to sustainability and tradition is what sets them apart.

    Whitby Sea Salt 
  • Whitby Distillery

    Gin born from passion and innovation. What began as an unexpected outcome of a camping trip to the Outer Hebrides turned into a life-altering journey. A small still and the seeds of a business plan became cherished souvenirs of a different kind.

    Whitby Distillery 
  • Botham's of Whitby

    With roots dating back to 1865, Elizabeth Botham laid the foundation for her bakery in the historic fishing port of Whitby over a century and a half ago. Today, the enduring traditions of Botham's Bakery are in the capable hands of the fifth generation of Elizabeth's family.

    Botham's of Whitby 
  • Raisthorpe Manor

    Nestled in the picturesque Yorkshire Wolds, Raisthorpe Manor is a hidden gem surrounded by pristine natural water springs and an abundance of wild ingredients. Raisthorpe Manor's journey began in 2008 when they concocted their very first bottles of gin right in their own farmhouse kitchen.

    Raisthorpe Manor 
  • SeaGrown

    Nestled on the picturesque Yorkshire Coast, SeaGrown is a key player in the development of an innovative marine industry in the UK. With essential support from the Coastal Communities Fund, SeaGrown is in the process of establishing a pioneering seaweed farm in the pristine, cold, and expansive waters of the North Sea.

  • Yorkshire Crisps

    Founded in 2005 by businessman and part-time farmer Ashley Turner, Yorkshire Crisps has been delighting taste buds from its home in Wales Bar, a charming village nestled between Sheffield and Rotherham. With deep Yorkshire roots and a small, dedicated team, Yorkshire Crisps takes great pride in producing award-winning crisps and popcorn that are simply irresistible, drawing enthusiasts from far and wide.

    Yorkshire Crisps 
  • Whitby Brewery

    Whitby Brewery, established in 2013, has been a steadfast producer of exceptionally delightful Yorkshire ales. The brewery itself stands as a testament to local craftsmanship, constructed by hand by skilled Whitby artisans, perfectly tailored for brewing the finest Yorkshire ales.

    Whitby Brewery 
  • The Baytown Coffee Company

    Founded in 2013, The Baytown Coffee Company is the brainchild of four friends who share a deep appreciation for exceptional coffee. Their vision was simple – to bridge the coffee gap on the Yorkshire coast by offering an accessible way for people to savour truly exceptional coffee.

    Baytown Coffee Company 
  • Bracken Hill Fine Foods

    Located just outside of York, Bracken Hill Fine Foods is a trusted supplier of a diverse selection of chutneys and jams. This esteemed brand, run by the dedicated family trio of Neil and Gill Maycock, along with their son Peter, has established itself as one of Yorkshire's renowned preserve makers.

    Bracken Hill Fine Foods 
  • Daisy Distillery

    Nestled in the breath-taking countryside along the iconic Cleveland Way, Daisy Distillery is a cherished small family-run business. Here, they take great pride in their craft, specialising in the distillation of small-batch gins using their traditional copper pot still, affectionately named after the family bulldog, Daisy.

    Daisy Distillery 
  • Mount House Soaps

    At Mount House, natural soaps come to life with the fragrant touch of essential oils. The source of inspiration for these delightful scents lies in the thriving garden, abundant with the scents of rosemary and lavender. Complementing these garden-inspired scents is the warm, earthy note of cedarwood.

    Mount House Soaps 
  • Yorkshire Pudding Beer

    The most popular question Yorkshire Pudding Beer get asked is: "Is it really made with Yorkshire Puddings?" The resounding answer to that is YES. This unique beer creation boasts the distinct flavour of Yorkshire Puddings.

    Yorkshire Pudding Beer