SeaGrown: Pioneering the Yorkshire Coast's Thriving Marine Industry

Nestled on the picturesque Yorkshire Coast, SeaGrown is a key player in the development of an innovative marine industry in the UK. With essential support from the Coastal Communities Fund, SeaGrown is in the process of establishing a pioneering seaweed farm in the pristine, cold, and expansive waters of the North Sea. Committed to sustainable practices and driven by innovation, SeaGrown is dedicated to harnessing the potential of the unique coastal environment.


Super Crop:

The remarkable super-seaweed crop distinguishes itself through its unparalleled simplicity. It flourishes solely with the help of the sun and the sea, without the need for chemicals, freshwater, power, or land. Even more impressively, this exceptional crop plays a crucial role in absorbing carbon and releasing oxygen into the water as it thrives. This multi-faceted super crop offers benefits for individuals, various industries, and the environment.


Pure Organic Flavours:

SeaGrown proudly introduces a remarkable new range of seaweed food seasonings designed to enhance the taste of your dishes while incorporating the nutritional benefits of SeaGrown seaweed. These seasonings offer an excellent way to infuse your culinary creations with intense flavour. Take a look at the seasonings in our shop. We're confident that you'll love them!

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