About Whitby Distillery

Whitby Distillery: Gin Born from Passion and Innovation

What began as an unexpected outcome of a camping trip to the Outer Hebrides turned into a life-altering journey. A small still and the seeds of a business plan became cherished souvenirs of a different kind.

Inspired by the craftsmanship of the island's gin-makers, a decision was made to trade in desks for the distillery and daily commutes for the freedom of foraging in the open air. While the founders lacked prior distillation experience, their passion and unwavering dedication more than compensated; Whitby Distillery was born.

Their vision was clear - to create a premium gin that would pay homage to the diverse natural landscape of their cherished homeland. The signature botanicals were thoughtfully chosen: heather foraged from the North York Moors, sugar kelp, and local honey, each selected to celebrate a unique aspect of the North Yorkshire coastline.

With these core ingredients in place, an exhaustive library of flavours was meticulously crafted. (Fearless) family and friends volunteered to assist with taste-testing until, at last, the perfect combination was discovered.

This journey epitomises the essence of a distillery born from a love for the land and a dedication to crafting exceptional spirits.

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