Whitby Brewery

Whitby Brewery: Crafting Outstanding Yorkshire Ales Since 2013

Whitby Brewery, established in 2013, has been a steadfast producer of exceptionally delightful Yorkshire ales. The brewery itself stands as a testament to local craftsmanship, constructed by hand by skilled Whitby artisans, perfectly tailored for brewing the finest Yorkshire ales.

Dedicated to excellence, Whitby Brewery utilises only the finest floor-malted barley and whole hops, meticulously chosen to create what many consider to be among the finest beers available.

Committed to continuous improvement, Whitby Brewery has developed custom technology to refine its brewing processes. Their unwavering passion for quality and dedication to perfection is evident in every drop of their beer. Located in the captivating shadow of the Whitby Abbey, perched atop Whitby's iconic cliff, Whitby Brewery is far from an ordinary brewery – it is an embodiment of exceptional craftsmanship and a passion for the finest beer.

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