Bracken Hill

Discover Bracken Hill Fine Foods: Yorkshire's Premier Chutney and Jam Supplier

Located just outside of York, Bracken Hill Fine Foods is a trusted supplier of a diverse selection of chutneys and jams. This esteemed brand, run by the dedicated family trio of Neil and Gill Maycock, along with their son Peter, has established itself as one of Yorkshire's renowned preserve makers.

With a commitment to excellence, Bracken Hill Fine Foods offers an extensive range of delightful preserves, tailored to cater to a wide spectrum of tastes and preferences. For over two decades, Neil had honed his skills in the art of preserve-making while working for others. However, driven by a passion for the highest quality, he embarked on his own journey. With the support of his wife, Gill, the inception of Bracken Hill Fine Foods became a reality, and their son, Peter, soon joined them to further the family legacy.

Bracken Hill Fine Foods takes pride in using the finest ingredients available to create preserves that stand out for their exceptional quality. This family-run business remains dedicated to crafting delectable preserves, catering to the diverse palates of its customers.

Whether it's chutneys, jams, or a variety of other preserves, Bracken Hill Fine Foods is a name synonymous with top quality and a commitment to delivering the finest flavours.

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