Yorkshire Pudding Beer

Discover Yorkshire Pudding Beer: Crafted with Authentic Yorkshire Puddings

The most popular question Yorkshire Pudding Beer get asked is: "Is it really made with Yorkshire Puddings?" The resounding answer to that is YES.

This unique beer creation boasts the distinct flavour of Yorkshire Puddings, and it's all thanks to the collaboration with the Yorkshire Pudding Pie Co., conveniently located just a stone's throw away in Malton.

The Yorkshire Pudding Pie Co. is a family-run establishment, known for its unwavering commitment to quality puds. Their Yorkshire Puddings are crafted using the finest ingredients available. To add to the authenticity, the eggs used in their puds are sourced from free-range chickens on an East Yorkshire farm, while the milk hails from a single-herd farm nestled along the Yorkshire coast.

When you savour a bottle of Yorkshire Pudding Beer, you are indulging in a truly Yorkshire experience. Each 500ml bottle contains half of a Yorkshire Pudding, ensuring that every sip is a taste of the region's culinary heritage; you can't get more Yorkshire than that!

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