Our Suppliers


Skinningrove Country Wines

The winery has been producing country wines since 1999. It is a small-scale business based in the old ironstone-mining village of Skinningrove on the North Yorkshire coast.

All the wines are hand made using recipes based on traditional methods. All wine bottles sealed with a natural cork and the wines are hand made using recipes based on traditional methods.

Most ingredients are grown by Skinning Grove Country Wines or sourced locally from allotments and farms, or gathered from the wild.

No animal products are used in the wines and they do not add artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives. All the wines are vegetarian friendly, most are vegan.

Whitby Sea Salt

A small family run business who’s aim is to produce Whitby Sea Salt using the most environmentally friendly methods available. Years of research and testing has lead us to use solar evaporation producing the most natural, environmentally friendly salt crystals. Our minimal impact on the environment is continued into our Whitby Sea Salt packaging which is 100% plastic free and is designed and manufactured to be 100% recyclable. We are passionate about maintaining the beautiful environment that we live in.

Whitby Sea Salt is made using centuries old methods of only the wind and the sun, ensuring all the minerals found in the sea are retained in the salt. The whole process from the collection in the sea to the production of the salt is done by hand, producing a distinct salt worthy of its seafaring heritage.

Whitby Gin

A small still and the start of a business plan. Not exactly what we’d expected to come home with from a camping trip to the Outer Hebrides. A very different kind of souvenir.

So inspired were we by the islands’ artisan gin-makers that we’d soon be swapping our desks for the distillery and trading the daily commute for foraging in the open air.

Our vision was to create a quality gin which would celebrate the diverse natural landscape of the place we’re lucky enough to call home.

It didn’t take long to establish our signature botanicals: heather foraged from the North York Moors, sugar kelp and local honey, each selected to champion one element of the North Yorkshire coastline.

With our core ingredients finalised we set about developing an extensive library of flavours. Family and friends (bravely) offered to help taste-test until, finally, we found the perfect combination.

With continued creativity and innovation, we look forward to bringing our customers new products whilst staying true to the town which inspires us.

Whitby Gin: From Beach to Batch

Botham’s of Whitby

Est. 1865

Elizabeth Botham set up her bakery in the ancient fishing port of Whitby over 150 years ago.

She began by selling her bread and cakes from a basket at the local market and eventually bought the premises on Skinner Street.

Botham's traditions are now proudly continued by the fifth generation of her family.

Raisthorpe Manor

Nestled in a beautiful dale within the Yorkshire Wolds you'll find our farm, Raisthorpe Manor. We are blessed to be surrounded by the finest natural water springs and wild ingredients, inspiring the creation of our gins, spirits and food.

In 2008 we created our first bottles of gin out of the farmhouse kitchen. Quickly our home made Gin got recognition and a growing demand. Over the years since then our range has grown into different spirits and food items. We have gone from strength to strength and picking up awards along the way, to date we have received 52 awards across our range of products.

We pride ourselves on only using the finest ingredients (locally where possible) and avoiding flavourings. All of our gins and spirits are created using traditional methods and handcrafted in small batches, ensuring the finest quality.


Here on the Yorkshire Coast, SeaGrown is developing an exciting new marine industry for the UK. With support from the Coastal Communities Fund we are establishing a seaweed farm in the clean, cold, open waters of the North Sea.

Super Crop

Most importantly of all, our super-seaweed crop just needs the sun and the sea - no chemicals, fresh water, power or even land. Better still, it will absorb huge amounts of carbon and release oxygen into the water as it grows – making it good for you, good for industry and good for the environment.

Pure Organic Flavours

Our great new range of seaweed food seasonings which are a fantastic way of adding serious flavour to all your food with the nutritional boost of SeaGrown seaweed. We think you’ll love them!

Yorkshire Crisps

Founded in 2005 by businessman and part-time farmer Ashley Turner, Yorkshire Crisps produces its award-winning produce in Wales Bar – a village between Sheffield and Rotherham. Our small, dedicated team is proud of its Yorkshire roots and creates deliciously addictive crisps and scrumptious popcorn using the finest local ingredients for people from far and wide.

Our luxury hand-cooked crisps and perfect popcorn are deliciously moreish* and packed full of taste and flavour. Our crisps are made from carefully selected potatoes that are grown by local farmers on the chalky soils of the Yorkshire Wolds. They are hand cooked in hot, pure sunflower oil for a few minutes then sprinkled with 100% natural flavouring while still warm. Our popcorn is made from the world’s finest corn, popped to perfection and seasoned with totally natural flavourings and lots of tender loving care. Unlike many mass-produced brands, at Yorkshire Crisps you’ll find no monosodium glutamate preservatives, genetically modified or artificial colourings and flavours in our products. Oh and because we love the environment too, we source all our packaging from Yorkshire suppliers.

Whitby Brewery

Whitby Brewery has been producing delightfully delicious Yorkshire ales since 2013.

The brewery itself was built by hand by local Whitby craftsmen and has proven to be perfect for brewing cracking Yorkshire ales.

We use only the finest floor-malted barley and whole hops to make what we think are some of the best beers about.

We're dedicated to creating the best beers possible. To help us succeed we've developed bespoke technology to help manage our brewing processes. Combine this with our passion for excellence and it's clear we're heading in the right direction!Brewed in the shadow of the Abbey, perched on Whitby’s iconic cliff top. this is no ordinary brewery, this is Whitby Brewery.”

Click here to read more about their beers.

The Baytown Coffee Company

In 2013 four friends with a love of great coffee decided to create a brand that filled the coffee void on the Yorkshire coast – a company that would make it easy for people to enjoy really, really good coffee.

It’s a simple idea. We avoid the pretentiousness that’s so often served up alongside good coffee, expose people to better quality than they’ve ever had before, and concentrate on making it fun. After all, last time we checked coffee was all about making you feel good.

We’re hell-bent on helping you enjoy the best quality coffee in a way that works for you. To make sure that happens, we source the highest quality beans, hand roast them and get them to you quickly so you enjoy the freshest, most delicious coffee possible.