Collection: The Baytown Coffee Company

Whitby Hampers is proud to supply Baytown Coffee within Whitby town centre. Notes from

The Baytown Coffee Company is really young and very old. We’re like an enthusiastic puppy with the head of a wise owl. Let us explain. The idea to launch Baytown Coffee came to us in 2013. Four friends with a love of great coffee decided to create a brand that filled the coffee void on the Yorkshire coast – a company that would make it easy for people to enjoy really, really good coffee.

It’s a simple idea. We avoid the pretentiousness that’s so often served up alongside good coffee, expose people to better quality than they’ve ever had before, and concentrate on making it fun. After all, last time we checked coffee was all about making you feel good.

We’re hell-bent on helping you enjoy the best quality coffee in a way that works for you. To make sure that happens, we source the highest quality beans, hand roast them and get them to you quickly so you enjoy the freshest, most delicious coffee possible.

For any food or drink allergens, please enquire with us directly