Collection: Seasonings

Seagrown is a innovative company producing Seaweed farms off the coast of Scarborough in the North Sea. Notes taken from

SeaGrown produce a fantastic range of seaweed food seasonings which are a great way of adding serious flavour to all your food with the nutritional boost of SeaGrown seaweed. Most importantly of all, our super-seaweed crop just needs the sun and the sea - no chemicals, fresh water, power or even land. Better still, it will absorb huge amounts of carbon and release oxygen into the water as it grows – making it good for you, good for industry and good for the environment.

Whitby Sea Salt are a small family run business using the most environmentally friendly methods available to produce their unique Sea Salt & Vinegar. Notes from

Whitby Sea Salt is a family run business harvesting mineral rich sea salt from Whitby's historic and wildlife rich coast.  Our Whitby Sea Salt is made using centuries old methods of only the wind and the sun, ensuring all the minerals found in the sea are retained in the salt. The whole process from the collection in the sea to the production of the salt is done by hand, producing a distinct salt worthy of its seafaring heritage

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